About the Artist                          
I've had many roles in my life and through each of those roles I've been able to express my creativity. I especially love creating unique jewelry because each piece allows me to find a different way to depict beauty. For me, the excitement is in creating something new and different. I always try to put a different twist on each piece and I LOVE knowing that someone has chosen something for themselves or someone they care about that I made!

I am a military spouse and we move all over the world. Each place we travel to and live in gives me a different perspective on the art of jewelry making.  We've lived in many lovely places, from the Rhine region of Germany to the beautiful azure Pacific waters of Guam.  Right now we are in Colorado Springs and I have the incredible Rocky Mountains to look at every day for inspiration.
                                      The Process
I love to start with the most fundamental elements - straight coils of wire, sheets of metal, undecorated stones and crystals - and create from there.  As much as I can, I like to work from recycled materials.  I love the idea of making something beautiful from something that someone considered junk.  I make my own bails, bead caps, bead cages - even head pins  whenever possible. I form, solder, melt, hammer, patina and polish using hand tools because I like to be connected to the work in an intimate way.  My style is very eclectic - pretty much whatever I find beautiful - and I love learning new techniques and attempting new processes.  Come visit often - you never know what you're going to see!